Brussels Airlines is the flag carrier and largest airline of Belgium.

Cousteau reveals the new inflight-interiors through the eyes of virtual reality!
We also did a collaboration with Lunar Gravity for a facebook interactive live, unveiling of the new Belgian icon for Brussels Airlines at Brussels Airport.



  • Show Lufthansa B2B Sales people the real features of their business class.

  • Change the presentation mode from boring powerpoints to an interactive sales experience.

  • Bring people on board of the plane to give them a realistic sense of the Brussels Airlines experience.


  • Lufthansa was impressed by the innovation from the brand department.

  • Sales increased by 17% for business seats, generated with the B2B Department of Lufthansa in the last 9 months.

  • VR is now part of the standard equipment of the sales people.

  • A new VR experience is in the making of the new cabin layout.


We recreated the complete cabin in 3D since holding a plane on the ground for more then 6 hours is undoable. In this way we were able to create an interactive experience with animated objects. We helped Brussels Airlines with the 6 launch events where 50 custom branded headsets where delivered to Brussels Airlines. With the launch of the Oculus Go in Europe we where the first company delivering this.



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