Staf and Mathias Coppens are on a quest to find a third hero that will help the dragon fly again. With the power of VR, children being vaccinated, are emerged in a virtual world. During the mission to save the dragon, the children are completely distracted from the vaccination, and don’t feel anything from the injection.
VR has incredible use cases in the healthcare sector.



  • Distract the children from vaccination in order to keep them from crying.

  • Prove the use case of VR in healthcare.

  • Save the dragon 🐲.


  • 8 out of 8 kids became superheroes and were kept from crying.

  • VR is now getting implemented by nurses in hospitals.

  • The dragon is flying again.


The VR concept is an experience in 2 phases. When children were in the waiting room there was a movie introducing the virtual dragon we created. The second phase, in the doctor’s room, the children entered the VR experience. In VR the children were transformed into superheroes and continued their mission in a filmed 360 environment with 3D elements on top. Extra details were added to strengthen the VR experience: sneezing was a water spray, flapping wings cam from a hand fan, ..


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